George Frey / GettyStaycations will be the norm this summer.
  • WalletHub found the top 10 cities for staycations this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Plano, Texas; Boise, Idaho; and Tampa, Florida, round out the top three cities.
  • To determine the top cities for staycations, WalletHub considered factors such as walking feasibility, bike access, and the share of homes with swimming pools.
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Summer is just around the corner, and many people are wondering how to enjoy the weather while also staying safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since most places around the country will remain closed or open at limited capacity, and many families will see some financial hardships, most will turn to staycations.

WalletHub studied over 180 cities using key metrics to determine the best cities for staying at home. They considered factors like square footage of homes, the number of homes with swimming pools, walking feasibility, and bike access. The company also took into account the strictness of each city’s stay-at-home orders.

When enjoying time outdoors in your city, it’s important to check the most up-to-date information in your area and to follow the most recent guidelines for health safety.

Keep reading to find out which cities made the top 10.

Plano, Texas, is ranked as the top city for a staycation, according to WalletHub.

ShutterstockPlano, Texas.

Recreation Rank: 18

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 2

Plano has the highest average home square footage of all the cities examined by WalletHub, so residents who stay at home will potentially have more room to relax than in other cities.

On May 1, the city allowed retail stores, restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, museums, and libraries to open at 25% capacity. A few days later, barbershops, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, and pools were also allowed to open.

Boise, Idaho, is the second-best city for staying put this summer.

CSNafzger/ShutterstockBoise, Idaho.

Recreation Rank: 6

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 21

As of May 20, Boise’s parks and hiking trails have reopened, as long as people can maintain a safe distance. Public pools, playgrounds, skateparks, and the zoo remain closed as the city enters phase two of its reopening process.

Tampa, Florida, is another great city for a staycation.

Shutterstock / Bonnie FinkTampa, Florida.

Recreation Rank: 11

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 23

Other Florida cities also ranked highly for staycations, including Fort Lauderdale, which has the most bike rental facilities and walking trails per capita. It also came third for the highest share of homes with swimming pools.

Right now, Florida is in phase one of its reopening plan. Specifically, Tampa has reopened outdoor seating at restaurants, but only at 25% capacity.

Charleston, South Carolina, is the fourth best city for a staycation, according to WalletHub.

f11photo/ShutterstockCharleston, South Carolina.

Recreation Rank: 7

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 51

If you’re looking for something to eat during a staycation in Charleston, there are restaurants open right now with outdoor seating to allow residents to practice social distancing. There are also plenty of parks and other recreation areas open in the city, as long as you follow social distancing guidelines.

Lincoln, Nebraska, rounds out the top five.

ShutterstockLincoln, Nebraska.

Recreation Rank: 1

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 72

WalletHub ranked Lincoln top for “Recreation” for staycations. The category included factors such as parks per capita, and biking, hiking, and running trails per capita.

The Lincoln Journal Star has curated a long list of restaurants that are open in the area. Some stores, malls, spas, and community centres are open as well.

This summer, Fort Smith, Arkansas, is also a great city for a staycation.

ShutterstockFort Smith, Arkansas.

Recreation Rank: 32

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 20

According to WalletHub, Fort Smith is home to the lowest average price of pizza and burgers, and the fourth-lowest price of wine and beer, to help you kick back and relax at home.

As of May 11, restaurants in Arkansas were allowed to reopen with limited capacity, while gyms, hair salons, spas, and other parlors were allowed to open even earlier.

In the southwest, Scottsdale, Arizona, is the top city for staycations, according to WalletHub.

Lunasee Studios/ShutterstockScottsdale, Arizona.

Recreation Rank: 95

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 1

Scottsdale has the second-highest share of homes with swimming pools, making staycations very easy.

The city started to reopen public outdoor amenities, including pools, restaurants, and religious organisations on May 15.

Grand Prairie, Texas, is the eighth-best city in the country for staying put this summer.

ShutterstockFlea market in Grand Prairie.

Recreation Rank: 57

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 11

On May 22, bars, zoos, aquariums, bowling alleys, and caverns will open up at limited capacity.

In ninth place for best cities for staycations is Austin, Texas.

ReutersAustin, Texas.

Recreation Rank: 8

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 96

Austin came top for most running trails per capita. It scored poorly in “Rest & Relaxation,” which includes factors such as the average price of beer, wine, pizza, and burgers, and the size of homes and their lots.

Since Texas restaurants are now allowed to open at limited capacity, Spectrum Local News put together a list of restaurants that are open in Austin right now. They are open at 25% capacity.

Orlando, Florida, rounds out the top 10 cities.

Jeff Greenberg / Getty ImagesOrlando, Florida.

Recreation Rank: 23

Rest & Relaxation Rank: 39

Although its famous attractions, such as Disney World and Universal Studios, are closed, Orlando is still a great spot for staycations for its residents, according to the WalletHub study.