Momonewyork’s fisherman pants, stylish yet comfortable trousers for the chic and chilled.

These adjustable and loose fitting pants are designed with curated embroidered materials which make for elegant, exotic and sophisticated wear. They can look chic as evening wear and fun for casual days out. MOMO NEW YORK also offers matching face masks and a selection of ethnic style boots.

These fisherman trousers: where have they been all my life?

Once you discover the comfort of these loose fitting, waist-adjustable trousers you won’t want to wear any other pants. Well known and loved in the Tropics, originating in Thailand, these wrap pants are designed for the wearer’s mobility and cool.  

These Thai pants started off as workwear for fishermen and farmers in Thailand but have become the epitome of comfort wear for most Thais.  In the 20th century they were worn as pajamas, beachwear or for lounging around at home; these days they have been upgraded to the more sophisticated ranks of fashion.  Seen sported by trendy young Thais in Bangkok’s ritzy malls <www.centralembassy.com>, and by international celebs at beach resorts, fisherman trousers are a classic design that are still going strong.

Nowadays you can find the rich and famous sporting these pants.  Sold at the shops of the luxurious Aman hotels <www.aman.com>, such as the Amanpuri in Phuket and the exclusive Six Senses in Samui <www.sixsenses.com>  as well as in the fashionable Siwilai store <www.siwilaibkk.com> in Bangkok, they have become luxury wear for many.  They are also a favourite of Instagramers who want to look effortlessly chic on the beach; they can be thrown on after a surfing session or for a walk along the waterfront.

Thai Fishies, what are they all about?

Comfort! The loose waist of fisherman trousers allow you to wrap the excess material across your stomach and adjust the pants to your size and preference.  There is a matching belt attached that you simply knot to keep the pants secure. You can then fold the waistband over the belt to complete the casual chic style. The way these free-size pants are worn can fit most body types with custom comfort.  The wide legs and hips allow for freedom of movement. Once wrapped the trousers hang elegantly and the overall look is similar to the crop pants style.


In order to upgrade fisherman pants for more formal occasions while retaining their distinctive comfort value, we at Momonewyork have designed fishermans using our curated collection of ethnic materials.  Find a selection of embroidered, velvet, patchwork fisherman trousers in our shop. We also have corduroy and Japanese cotton for your selection.Each pair is handmade. The combination of these opulent and gorgeous fabrics and the easy-to-wear design will give you the option of looking fabulous and feeling relaxed at the same time.  The pants can be worn with sandals in the summer, or a fitted jacket and boots in colder climes.

It’s a fashion alchemy!

What happiness to be able to go to formal occasions without feeling confined.  The trousers are a joy to wear and you will look effortlessly chic at the same time.  What’s more, they are original, uplifting and beautiful.


This is what boho chic is all about!