Bring! On! The! Boots! Excuse me if we seem over-excited about 2020 boot trends, but there’s truly no season like boot season. Don’t get us wrong, We love a cutesy spring clog or a strapy summer heel as much as the next girl, but boots? Made for walking, and we are ready to strut this season.

If there’s one thing appropriate for pretty much any season (but especially fall and winter), it’s boots and booties. For those of us who believe you can never own too many of the chic shoe, the 2020 boot trends are a welcome addition to our boot arsenals. You’re going to want to make some major room in your closet— or on shoe rack, or under your bed— because the boot trends this year came to walk all over previous seasons. Expect to see your favorite styles updated for fall and winter 2020, as well as some totally-new new looks in the mix. Your fall ensembles are in for a major upgrade.

Boots and booties trends are arguably some of the most fun to play around with because they don’t differ too much from year to year. We mean, buy a good black Chelsea boot and you’re pretty much set for years to come. However, the 2020 boot trends actually give us all a chance to try out something new, in addition to the option to re-wear some of last year’s old faves. Whether it be a bright pop of color, some metallic glam or letting your socks do the talking, there’s a lot to love on this list, so get your wallet ready.

Below, you’ll find the fall 2020 boot trends you can expect to reign this year—plus ways to shop them all. These boots and booties trends were made for both walking and looking stylish, so feel free to stock up on a few pairs. Whether you choose to go bold or stay neutral, you’ll look chic AF either way.